Terms of Service

Every little or giant established company, service or a network has its terms and conditions. The user must follow the commands to take benefit of that particular service. We also have some of the rules that are necessary for each and every to utilize our work. Whatever we have given is legal and in the custody of us. Below are the terms of use:

Copyright Claim

Our given content is free for all; you are allowed to use it for personal applications. For any other operation except personal, we don’t recommend however it is your will because we permit. However, you don’t have access to share our particulars illegally.

If the available information is copied from your source, please claim us. We will remove it within 24 hours of operation if we have mistakenly added your data. Otherwise, we are not sure to eliminate it. The data may be text, images or videos.


One is permitted or even uplifted to give feedback and views about our service. You can do it by opening the Contact us page and share your opinion with us, so we can better understand your voice. By your cooperation, we can improve our performances and update our records. Your reactions will assist us to regain our values.

Writing a comment under pages

Every single page of the website that contains content has an option for readers to post a comment. The comment is visible to under the fields. Some of the rules of posting a comment are under:

  • Your name will be visible while your email will not be shown, be sure not to add any crucial information in the comment box if you don’t want to leak out your privacy. If you added then we are not responsible.
  • We don’t enable you to post abusive, irrelevant or spammy comments. Our system will automatically trash it.