Airlines by fleet‘ means the largest air carrier by fleet size or aircraft on which passengers embark and disembark. Fleet are the vehicles or airplanes owned or leased by an airline service. If an airline has much aircraft, then it would carry more passengers. Therefore, it is an important part of their job to improve the preference of amenity. Here we are going to show our viewers about the top 10 largest airlines by fleet size. We have analyzed the complete data and instructions given by World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). The provided details are authentic, verified and unique. However, if the following data seems to be incomplete or incorrect, please inform us. But we regularly update our statistics to maintain our trustworthy and quality of performance. Below is the graphical representation of the ten leading airlines by the number of aircraft:

Largest Airlines by Fleet in the World 2017

#1 American Airlines

American Airlines LogoThe top leading Airline with the most aircraft in 2017 is American Airlines. It possesses more than 1,550 aircraft that are used to handle more than 25 to 30 million passengers per annum. As far as it is concerned, American Airlines is not only ranking as the biggest fleet carrier in the world but also the world’s largest airline service by revenue as well as world’s busiest airline. It is because last year, American Airlines Group merges with US Airways through which it gets a share of it. Although US Airways also merged many airlines in it, therefore, its get a huge range.

#2 Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines LogoDelta Air Lines gets its scope since 2008 when it got merged with Northwest Airlines. Its ranking is always active and sometimes get to maintain. The second biggest airline regarding fleet and revenue, have a fleet size of 1,380 aircraft. It is the giant keeper of McDonnell Douglas MD-88 airplanes. It is also the world’s second largest airline by passengers (international + domestic), carries more than 20 million people every year.

#3 United Airlines

United Airlines LogoAccording to WATS IATA, United Airlines is on the third number in terms of the world’s largest fleet size in 2017. About 1229 aircraft are available. Due to the association with Continental Airlines in 2010, it gets its best place in the air carriers. It’s probably the sixth busiest airline in the world in which the excessive amount of passengers are domestic.

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