On revenue is attributed to the number of sales by a particular business. Most of the time, the list of largest items accommodates with the most revenue. Therefore, the leading airline by revenue can frequently regard as the best airline corporation. It is so because the original quality of service which includes its sales, profits, assets, market value and something like that. In 2009 till today, aviation industries were getting its scope and becoming to be the greatest way of travel. Thus, the airline companies are now in the list of world’s largest companies by revenue. The United States, Brazil, China and the European Union are classifying among the most popular and necessary markets for air travel. The unfolding growth of revenue streams from automated ticketing technology, and also the continuing deregulation of civil aviation in many businesses globally, have given growth to the appearance of cheapest airlines.

We have generated a list by analyzing the complete structural revenue layouts of the major carriers. After a splendid time given and study, we have come to know that American Airlines is overall the largest airline in the world so far. The following statistics are genuine, unique and authentic. Delta Air Lines is in the second place, whereas United Continental Holdings is the third largest carrier.

Below is the graphical bar representation of the top carriers by the high sales and revenue:

World’s Top 10 Airlines by Revenue 2017

The list includes the uppermost airlines according to income or profit. Furthermore, available are the assets, market capitalization and the number of employees working in the particular corporation.

#1 American Airlines

#2 Delta Air Lines

#3 United Continental Holdings

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