Busiest Airports by International Passenger Traffic means the most functioning airports excluding domestic passengers. In these statistics, we must study the representation of facts and figures about a particular airport. We can’t regard a consideration of most active airports by passenger traffic to be the subject of international travelers. It is because the case will be different. For example, Dubai International Airport is the world’s third most busy airport by international & domestic passengers. But with only foreign travelers, it is the bustling airport in the world.

Airport Council International has published the statement of 30 most busy airports by overseas passengers. The factors include the number of passengers traveled and their upgrade/downgrade performances in a definite airfield. The ranking for 2017 will be updated on April 2017 when ACI publish upcoming year’s achievement. By them, international passenger traffic will surpass domestic traffic after 2028.

Top 30 Busiest Airports in the World by International Passengers

#1 Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

#2 Heathrow Airport

Heathrow AirportHandling nearly 75 million passengers in 2015, Heathrow Airport tends to be the second busiest airport in the world by the international crowd. It is also the world’s sixth and Europe’s top busiest airport by domestic traffic. However, the Airport Council International confirms that it cannot surpass DXB. Because its ranking is increasing gradually, but Dubai Int’l Airport’s ranking is rising too much. Last time, when Heathrow Airport was the top 1 busiest airport in the world by overseas traffic stats, then it was in 2013 for consecutively ten years. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are the main origins for LHR. By Civil Aviation Authority, in 2015 apart, it held 474,087 aircraft movements. The focus and most operating routes to/from Heathrow Airport are New York, Dubai, Dublin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Madrid and Paris Charles de Gaulle respectively.

#3 Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International AirportHKIA is the third most functioning international airport by outside traffic 2017 so far, which handled more than 68 million people last year. It is the primary hub for Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways and cargo airline Air Hong Kong. Hong Kong International Airport was opened on 6 July 1998 to be proud of HK. It is owned under the management and supervision of Airport Authority Hong Kong.

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