Delaying in flights by the airline services resembles some kind of service frustration. It is the factor that indicates that the corporation is under some oppressive issues that even cause it to ignore customer satisfaction. However, holding the flight up to 5 to 10 minutes late may be negligible. But the surpassing more time creates a negative impact for the clients.

We’re discussing the airlines with the most delayed flights here. Why is a flight delayed or canceled? What are the reasons? See below.

  • In most cases, the postponement of a flying is due to the unfavorable weather. But it may not be the real issue behind delaying. It can even cancel the whole flight.
  • Maintainance aircraft problems. This can slow up to 2 or 3 hours.
  • Fueling can make approximately 30 minutes late.
  • The most common reason is the technical or minor fault in the aircraft.
  • Congesting air traffic (too rare).
  • The Late arrival of the airplane to be held for the flight from a previous flight. It retards commonly 5 to 10 minutes.

Sadly, most of the well-known and best performing airlines in terms of other attributes have a poor ranking in this section. The team of AirSlog has done a great research in bringing the airlines with the most obstacles in flights. Generally, there is more to airlines than happening on time, such as quality of co-operation, costs, accommodation, etc although this arrangement is completely meant for being on time. The evidence hints that budget airlines mind to encounter more stoppages and recalls ordinarily, so you will seldom get what you pay for.

Top Airlines with Flight Delays

Gulf Air

The worst airline in serving the flight compensation, however, it may be good in other qualities. The flight postponement practice is incredibly corrupted in this according to FlightAware and other some sources. It is the flag carrier of Bahrain and was came into being in 1950 when Freddie Bosworth, a British pilot, and businessperson, launched an air taxi co-operation to Doha and Dhahran from Bahrain. Bosworth succeeding extended assistance and, on 24 March 1950, designated Gulf Aviation Company Limited as a separate shareholding firm. About 52% of the flights are delayed till date, but the cancellation rate is a bit lower.


It is an excellent service but fails in bringing the flight on time, maybe due to loads of aviation problems. The United Arab Emirates national flag carrier has the percentage rate of 37% in delaying time of the upcoming flyings. Emirates is getting better day by day, hope so it will sooner resolve its issue. It frequently delays the air transports. But, although it rarely cancels the flights because of giving the quality assistance.

Virgin America

Virgin America Inc. mostly delays the domestic flights rather than international. Due to the aggressive amounts of delays, it caused a bad impact in the role of its service quality. 34% of the total flights are getting delayed maybe due to the technical issues. But still, it is one the most popular and valuable air carrier all over the world.

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